Printers Project

April 2010 in Johannesburg, Südafrika



Within a one week workshop artists and printmakers were invited to join Anna from Pony Pedro exploring the possiblities of solvent based printing. Since waterbased inks very often cause problems when it comes to low grammage and uncoated papers, the workshop experimented with solvent based inks. On top some glossy and bright colors are hard to acoomplish when using water based inks. Backdraws are clearly toxic fumes!

Since we were in invited to use the printshop of Artist Proof Studio at the Busfactory in Johannesburg CBD, Cloudia Hartwig, the manager of the silkscreen unit, was the person to talk to! Without her help, there would be no postcards now. Our favorite solvent based color, Maraplak, is not sold in South Africa, and we were rather clueless, what else to use!

We ended up using a color sold by Chemosol, which was rather hard to retard and very thick. After all Anna used some old leftovers from Cloudias cupboard, which worked much better!

For the workshop we asked printmakers and artist from Johannesburg participate with designs and were happy to have peolpe from David Krut Projects, Artist Proof Studio and the Drill Hall join the workshop. For easy color separation (four colors) all designs were cut from masking foil.

The series of 18 postcards which are the outcome of this workshop are only sold in Johannesburg so far! All benefits will be for the great work people at Drill Hall in Johannesburg do at the Keleketla Library, a childrens library in the CBD. We hope there will be a another series of postcards soon!

Special thanks for all the support to Cloudia Hartwig, Shannin Antonopaulo, Suzanne Erasmus, Kim Berman, David Krut, Marcelino Rodgrigues and Tessa Abramowitz!

Postcards from the Printers Project:

Graphics from left to right: Mlungisis Kongisa, Tshepo Rakosa, Lehlohonlolo Dhlamini

Graphics from left to right: Simphiwe Gumede, Philip Mabote, Charles Morwape

Graphics from left to right: Marcelino Rodgrigues, Themba Khumalo, Rangoato Hlasane

Graphis from left to right: Jabulani Tshuma, Minénkulo Ngoyi, Rangoato Hlasane

Graphics from left to right: Mahlomola Nkosi, Sebastian Rewitt-Carnac, Jabulani Tshuma

Graphics from left to right: Cloudia Hartwig, Niall Bingham,Tshepo Rakosa